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Golf team swings into new management

By Collin Glomstead
posted May 26, 2011

Just one day without five inches of rain has been the wish of the golf team this season. Expectations were not high as the first two weeks of practice were cancelled due to conditions on the golf course.

�It was just a bummer that we missed out on a full two weeks of practice,� said varsity Head Coach Nicole Peterson.

The Wildcats have stumbled their way through the season with a 2-7 record overall and finished seventh in conference. Even though the team�s performance did not meet the standards set by previous years, Peterson is optimistic about the postseason.

�We hope to make sectionals and then we�ll wait and see what happens after that,� she said. �We�re going to take it one meet at a time.�

This spring was Peterson�s first as the coach of the boy�s golf team. However, she has years of experience coaching the girl�s squad. She went with a hands-off approach to forming the new team by giving it space to develop on its own.

�I didn�t want to make a lot of changes this year because I wanted the teams to have similarity between this year and last year,� she said. �I watched them play and made suggestions to help them.�

Regardless of the lack of a winning record, the team posesses a high amount of determination.

�The team this year is definitely motivated in that they always want to practice and have great bonds with each other,� said Peterson.

The group had to focus even harder on making the necessary changes with their loss of time.

�There�s always room for improving in your short game and putting,� said Peterson. �They needed to stay focused on every shot.�

The players feel that their performance this season was not up to par.

�I started off the year pretty good and then started doing bad,� said sophomore Ryan Thiele. �I am slowly coming back as the year progresses.�

The mental game is just as important in golf as hitting the right shots.

�I just think �Don�t screw up and concentrate on where I want my shot to go�,� said Thiele.

Despite the disappointment, the season had high points. The team defeated Menasha with a score of 150 to 178 on May 13. Senior Brennan Pollnow and junior Brett Wolff led the way with scores of 36. Peterson was pleased with the team�s act.

�Menasha was definitely our best win in conference this season,� she said. �It was great to see all of them make a contribution in various meets. When one person didn�t play well, someone else was there to pick them up.�

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