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Morp recovery receives mixed reviews

By Megan Diermeier
posted May 26, 2011

A little bit of Las Vegas came to the main gym on May 14, as students gambled and danced the night away at the underclassman Morp. The dance, held for prom-deprived freshmen and sophomores, pulled out all the stops, aiming to produce an enjoyable evening. Morp featured a casino theme, with blackjack and roulette tables offering students a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the night. Last year’s Morp was cancelled due to lack of interest, and the dance has had a history of low attendance rates. However, this year’s student government was determined for the 2011 Morp to peak student interest.

“This year, the goal for Morp was just to try and bring it back; to get more kids interested in going to it,” said student government advisor Josh Sween.

Morp is solely a gathering for underclassmen, and is traditionally less formal than other dances of the year. To entice students into attending, student government tried several different techniques. Instead of the premise reflecting this year’s prom, Morp was given a fresh theme of “Casino Night.” Games of chance and other entertainment were added to create a more casual and lively place for students to relax.

“I wanted to have a night out to just hang out with my friends,” said freshman Monica Rodriguez.

Coordinators anticipated an attendance between 60 and 100 people. However, a greater turnout than was expected arrived, reaching a total of around 130 students purchasing the $5 tickets. This year’s total attendance was in sharp contrast to last year’s Morp, which only sold around 20 tickets.

“Student government wanted to make Morp as appealing as possible, so we chose a super fun theme like ‘Casino Night’,” said freshman senator Macy Koch.

Opinions of the dance covered a wide range of viewpoints– while some attendees loved the dance, others thought it wasn’t worth going to again. One student that had attended the crowded September homecoming dance found Morp to be sparsely populated in comparison.

“It was really boring and there were no people,” said freshman Meghan Jones.

However, other students found the dance to be fun and entertaining. Due to last year’s cancellation, 2011 Morp was the first time the sophomores had the chance to attend an end-of-year dance. Overall the turnout was larger than expected. Student government hopes to continue the trend and to keep providing Morp to underclassmen for years to come.

“I would say it was definitely more successful this year than in previous years,” said student government officer junior Jordan Schettle.

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