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Spring Fling aims to end year with flair

By Whittney Seckar-Anderson
posted May 26, 2011

With the end of the school year fast approaching, students look longingly toward the release of summer vacation from the final days of educational instruction. However, this year, students will have one more event to take note of before they are finally released for summer break. A newly created Spring Fling dance will be held on Friday, June 3 in the O-wing courtyard. Food and a DJ will be at the school sponsored event, along with a performance by Wests own rock band, the Punching Kittens. The price of admission is 5 dollars, and administration and event organizers are hoping for a large student turnout.

This event is meant to be a relaxed end of the year party, specifically an opportunity for students and staff to say goodbye to the class of 2011, said Dean of Students Kevin Wachholz. Its a Hawaiian theme with casual dress being fine.

The dance, which will start at noon, is aimed at giving seniors one last occasion to say their final goodbyes and to sign yearbooks. Included among the events will be an arm wrestling tournament run by Police Liaison Officer Dave Johnson. All grade levels are invited and encouraged to attend this end of the year celebration.

I think it would be really fun if people showed up. It would be nice to all come together one last time before summer. Unlike our other dances, this is informal and is meant for everyone to just have a good time before we go our separate ways after graduation, said senior Natalie Strzalko.

However, others were less accepting of the new dance, citing the diminutive effect that the fling may have on prom.

I feel like prom is the perfect close to the school year and I dont want the Spring Fling to take away from the great time I had at prom, said junior Samantha Retzloff.

Other students wonder whether the attendance at the dance will be substantial, due to the fact that the event will take place during a time when students are not required to be present.

I think its a good idea, but I dont know how popular it will be among other students, said senior Tanner Greidl. Its one of the last days of school and the last place people want to be is school.

However, most students appear to be looking forward to the dance and the chance to send off the seniors with one last celebration.

Its like a going out thing for the seniors and anyone else who wants to come. It should fun and I hope a lot of people go because Mr. Wachholz really wants this to work, said senior Tyler Willman. A lot of seniors are looking at this fling to be their last memory of West before they leave.

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