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By Paige Schultz
posted May 26, 2011

As much as Iíd rather not own up to it, I feel the need to admit something. Bruno Marsí ďLazy SongĒ with its catchy lyrics singing ďtoday I donít feel like doing anything,Ē has become the anthem of my life for the past month. Iíve belted it, danced to it, and blasted it with my car windows rolled down. However, strangely enough, this behavior is not what I am most embarrassed about. With summer just around the corner and school finally approaching its yearly end, many, including myself, tend to become lazy in terms of style. Weíve all been there and done that, but this year Iím vowing not to let my summer be overtaken by multicolored Nike running shorts, rubber flip flops, and oversized sweatshirts. Keeping up with fashion over the summer months feels as though it requires way too much effort; however, this season select designer collections are embodying the ever-so-laidback style of the West Coast.

Stereotypical misconceptions mislead many into believing that the epitome of West Coast style is throwing on an itsy bitsy bikini under washed-out ripped jeans and a barely-there, racer-back tank. Because of this, many deem the trend to be carelessly sloppy, but I refuse to make such discriminations. I canít lie, outfits like the one listed above do exist, but they certainly donít represent this trend properly. On the fashion spectrum, West Coast style is more on the effortless side with its breezy silhouettes, eccentric plethora of prints, and ultra-cool accessories meant for lounging on the beach or taking a stroll on the boardwalk. The adaptability of the trend is without a question one of its finest assets. Whether you have a generally girly, sporty, bold, or bohemian fashion sense itís possible for everyone to find their niche. When I envision girly West Coast style I imagine floral chiffon dresses from Express, bright lipstick (yes it is an accessory!), and a large statement-worthy necklace.

Looking for a sportier take? Think back to the Sporty Spice trend, with a lightweight tank, your favorite pair of shorts, and a pair of unconventional Nike sneakers. When bolder tastes come to mind I immediately think PacSun, with lots of bright colors and daring prints. For a bohemian vibe, I am quite the fan of long chiffon skirts, oversized sunglasses, a large floppy sunhat (like the one Iíve been eyeing at Target), and of course an eye-catching tote. If youíre like me and you feel like youíre caught between more than one of these general styles, donít hesitate to mix and match! Style is meant to be unique, so if your West Coast style is girly and bohemian, or sporty and bold, find a way put the two together in a way that will truly create an individualistic look.

We all have our Bruno Mars days where we donít feel like doing anything. When those, ahem, rare occurrences happen, feel free to sleep in until noon, stuff your face with junk food, or watch TV all day, but do not commit the fashion faux pas I did and slack when it comes to style. Instead, think of the West Coast and stock up your closet with budget-friendly pieces that give you that oh-so-chic ďI just threw this onĒ sort of air. Fashion, especially in the summer, should never be stressful, so kick back like a Cali-girl and soak up all this trend has to offer.

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