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Best of the Town

By Kelsea Kierstead
posted May 26, 2011

As the dreary days of the school year are finally coming to a close, a bittersweet ending is typical for students of all grade levels. Disregarding the goodbyes and reminiscing between fellow classmates, the three sacred months of the year are so close that students are beginning to get a taste of sweet summer freedom. As the final destination on the taste tour of Best of the Town, the featured local business specializes in complementing the delightful summer vibe with a new spin on the old-fashioned frozen custard treat. Family owned and operated, Rhapsodies Gourmet Frozen Custard & Sandwiches opened in 2010, and is quickly become a local treasure in the Oshkosh community on the corner of Oregon and South Park Street. Featuring a collection of classic treats and a multitude of flavors and toppings, Rhapsodies is soon to be a sure sensation for customers craving a simply savory indulgence.

Creating fresh custard daily, Rhapsodies places emphasis on passion in their work. Popular choices include a scoop of the flavor of the day, floats, smoothies and the Double Trouble, the customerís favorite sundae on top of a shake or malt. Sundae toppings include over 27 options, in any number or pairing. Offering an expansive menu in a variety of combinations to choose from, Rhapsodies further allows the customer to customize his or her experience by entering favorite lyrics for a chance to be selected and painted on the wall of the shoppe, also receiving a Rhapsodies gift card. Tying in inspiration from legendary music of the decades, Rhapsodies adds the personal touch to the experience. Another element offered is an array of sandwiches and sides, including burgers, premium roast beef, and hot dogs. Seating is available both indoors and outdoors, with patio tables to enjoy the warm summer breeze.

Combining both quality frozen custard and musical inspiration, Rhapsodies brings a local flavor like no other to the Oshkosh area. Providing an experience different from a typical frozen custard and sandwich restaurant at a reasonable price, Rhapsodies is the perfect addition to the variety of local dining. Whether it be a quick cure for a sweet tooth or a journey to explore the life of downtown Oregon Street, Rhapsodies Frozen Custard & Gourmet sandwiches will satisfy both the stomach and soul.

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