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Hill provides hopping good time

By James Locke
posted April 20, 2011

While there have been many holiday movies produced throughout the years, very few notable ones focus on Easter. Director Tim Hill, who is best known as the writer for SpongeBob SquarePants, delved into this relatively untapped idea pool with his new animated comedy, Hop.

Its plot is the typical story of a character attempting to avoid some big responsibility because he/she feels unprepared. In this case it is E.B. (Russel Brand, Get Him to the Greek), a teenage rabbit who is supposed to become the Easter Bunny. Yet, Hop sets itself apart from most movies like this. Firstly, it doesn’t pull clichés out of its rear end, skipping the whole “protagonist in a strange new world” issue, as seen in Elf. There isn’t a plethora of scenes with E.B. misusing common objects in order to create comic relief. Another positive aspect of Hop is the fact that the humor is rarely just comic relief attempting to force the audience to laugh. Its hilarious moments are well integrated into the plot.

Hop’s success, however, is mostly due to its magnificent characters. They are engaging and fun to watch as the story progresses. The main duo, E.B. and Fred (James Marsden, X-Men) are likable and have great chemistry despite the fact that E.B. is animated and Fred is played by a real actor. These aren’t the only fascinating characters though.

There are two villains, Carlos and his sidekick Phil, who are devious baby chickens both voiced by Hank Azaria (The Simpsons). These two are very entertaining as they try to edge Carlos into the position of Easter Bunny through delightfully evil tactics. To top it all off, David Hasselhoff appears as himself. This alone could make the movie worth seeing.

Hop’s creative energy, somewhat original spin on an old plot, and very enjoyable characters make it a film definitely worth seeing. Hill doesn’t disappoint and truly brings the movie to life. Those who like animated films with this sort of comedy are certain to leave theaters with at least something positive to say about it.

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