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Bass heads lose minds in Madison

By Eric Dubie
posted April 20, 2011

From disco in the 1970’s to house in the 80’s and 90’s, music that finds its way into the club scene always has a way of bringing people together for a night of dancing and debauchery. The newest adaptation of club music, dubstep, is comprised of drums and bass. Typical characteristics include syncopated rhythms, wobble bass, and bass drops. Originating in London, dubstep found its way into the clubs of America and the hearts of her people. One of the most well-known artists from America is Lorin Ashton, known by stage name Bassnectar. On April 8, I was fortunate enough to witness the intensity that is a Bassnectar concert at Madison’s Alliant Energy Center.

As a Christmas present from my brother, I had to wait for months before the concert. I felt I couldn’t wait any longer, and finally the day came. Once we arrived in Madison, my brother and I met with my sister for dinner. Afterwards, we went back to her apartment and visited before we had to go. When the time came to leave, my brother and I headed over to the Alliant Energy Center, where our night would truly begin.

The worst part of the night was the mob of people calling themselves a line for will call. Surrounded by vexing college students with no sense of space or humor, I found myself losing intelligence by the minute. After what seemed an eternity, my brother and I made it out alive with our tickets and ventured into the arena just as Bassnectar was starting.

At first, there was a certain hesitancy between the two of us, having never been to a concert with each other. But after a few minutes, the urge to dance swept over both of us, and thus began the nearly three hour long dance party. The whole night my chest felt like it was being kicked in by the bass, but I didn’t have a problem with the bodily abuse at all.

Playing some of his hits like “Bass Head” and “Falling,” Bassnectar also played remixes of the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and Gogol Bordello’s “Immigraniada.” Every time it appeared the show would stop, he would start back up as heavy as ever. Towards the end of the show I could no longer feel my legs, and I was merely running on auto-pilot.

At the end of the concert, and despite how tired and sore I was, I found myself wishing the night would never end. As the crowd began to dissipate I found my brother and we managed to struggle through the pain of not feeling our legs long enough to get to his car. Giddy as school girls, we could not contain our excitement over what was easily one of the best nights of our lives. For some, dubstep may be what rap is to me- terrible. However, for anyone looking for music that will render them incapable of stopping themselves from dancing, Bassnectar is the solution.

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