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Front Page
Homecoming offers defining moment for Wildcats
Community environment nurtures learning in students
Course re-sequencing poses many challenges
News rules create mixed feelings
Core teams lower scheduling conflicts
Lights shine brightly over homecoming happenings
Students receive crash course in advisory
Students stand still to understand faith
Sports community applauds new facility
Band to be marching in style by next year
Tighter interent security leaves some feeling filtered out
Wildcubs take first steps into teaching frontier
Sophomore travels to Spain without passport
Writing Project bridges classroom, community
Bartels heeds call of wild through Leadership award
Lundquist says goodbye after years of service
Cultures collide as exchangers experience America
Wildcats search for consistent play
Freshmen athletes make net imprint
Golfers throw shock into conference competition
Badger-Bound Jarmusz balances basketball, education
Eclectic grouping welcomed into West Hall of Fame
Cross Country squads hit ground running as season begins
Wildcat swimmers terrorize relay competition through dominant performance
In Depth
West students, staff broaden horizons with global explorations
Area eateries feed off new competition
Community Spotlight: Larry Klausch
Pollock debuts to mixed reviews, diverse challenges
Zombie Nazis XXXIII: Profitable franchises that will not die
Lego pieces together lucrative franchise
Intriguing art style seperates Okami from industry pack
The Dutchess proves a royally inadequate debut album
Audiences heave to for heaping helpings of cinematic stupidity
Black Dahlia doesn't quite 'cut it' with contemporary audiences
Tired franchise skating along thin ice
NASCAR 07 still takes pole position
Lunch line lessons in Darwinian law

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