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Text-Based Archives:
Front Page
Musical breathes life into sesquicentennial celebration
Summer neurosurgery fails to sideline star athlete
Credit system loosened to accomodate test result reliability
Board president makes surprising announcement
Board calls for educational overhaul in response to education legislation
Financial incentives designed to prod social awareness through Quick 50
West, North awarded $840,000 in grant aimed at school improvement
Clock strikes midnight as prom coordinator Potratz steps down from position
PSAT testing provides students with measuring stick of academic aptitude
FFA treats fourth graders to day on the farm
Indian group has students dancing to beat of a different drummer
Aviation Explorers program propels students to wild blue yonder
Computer lab ushers in new technology
Exchange program offers students opportunity to experience new cultures
Steinhilber utilizes commonplace objects for uncommon art
Volleyball squad set for regional competition
Swimming team poised to surge into state tourney
Batons of fire grace football fields as twirl team begins competing
Runners look to peak in time for state competition
In Depth
Students find file-sharing networks irresistible
Technological pirates looting tills of area music merchants
Pending legislation threatens to outlaw ear piercing
Rebel Alliance proves ‘home is where the heart is’
Art gallery showcases distinctive paintings
Chart-topping artists branch out to UWO campus
New hospital diversifies Oshkosh medical care
Teen drivers yield to improved enforcement in local school zones
Starbucks franchise competes with local java shops
Practice for prom in comfort of basement with DDRMAX2
Jack Black strikes chord with aspiring pupils in School of Rock
Matthews’ efforts prove less than heavenly on Some Devil
Good Charlotte electrifies Resch Center in Green Bay debut
Eclectic casting, exhilarating fight scenes elevate Rundown
Game Over: I'm an adult?! Wow, they are letting in anybody these days

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